Friday, July 27, 2012

Dolls Kill

Favourite Looks from Dolls Kill 
Want it all !!
Beware this site is dangerous for shopahollics like me!!

"Dolls Kill started as a rebellious movement in response to a general lack in the proper fulfillment of online shopping sites. Tired of the same old clothing brands and rigid stern-faced models, Dolls Kill was created to subvert the established shopping etiquette. Always emphasizing change and experimentation in fashion is the key to the Dolls Kill movement. Encouraging personal freedom from a defined style, and the balls to stand out from a crowd. "

"Pulling brands from blogs, street style and international underground labels allows for Dolls Kill to showcase a handpicked collective of clothing, shoes and accessories you won't find anywhere else. Resist conformity, be yourself and let the lil' rebel inside you speak. Dolls Kill puts its attention on the forgotten styles in mainstream society, such as the glam rock babe, punker grunge girl, and the gothic sex kitten. All these so called fashion "faux pas" have created the unique Dolls Kill shopping experience."

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N P said...

Dolls Kill is one of my favourite lebels that i subscribed on the net and i check it very oftenly. I love everything there!
Dolls Kill is a lifestyle!