Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bang bang, you shot me down.

Made with fine aniline leathers from the greenest tannery in the world and handmade embossing in the
Netherlands, the Guardian Angel line from Vlieger & Vandam includes structured and soft bags for both men and women , clutches, wallets and iPad cases with an embossed image of a gun or knife on the front panel. I really like the quirky design and piss take of the amount of Americans who are so called "packing" these days.

For some, this might be a step too far, what do you think ?


CM said...

Wow, amazing! *O*


TeuntjeVDW said...

I think they're amazing! xx.

NeonTiara. said...

I like the clutch with the gun but the bags with the knife are kind of freaky in my opinion xD

Dmitry said...

Lol I've been molding leather for years. Huge leather art installations and custom molded bags. All hand made. This is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

I will release a video on YouTube on how to mold different type of leathers