Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ariel's Hair ♥

Cuffs & Ring, Topshop

Well I think I may have just found myself a new fetish, oh dare I say it, of wearing wigs :P
(yes I am a weirdo).... its ever since I got this vibrant red wig to dress up as the the little mermaid last Halloween. I love it, every time I put it on I feel like a whole other person its great, like playing another character. Though if I truly was to expand on this fetish I would most probably have to actually get a good quality wig as this one (being a cheap costume one) has pretty much turned into a fuzzy bush just like my barbies hair used to go when I would try giving them a bath (oh those were the days).

Bra, Topshop. Corset dress, Primark.
the little mermaid

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