Friday, August 12, 2011

Audrey Cantwell ♥

Audrey Cantwell
a talented designer from Montreal captures the Gothic side of elegance.

Collection 6, 2010

"La Quête" collaboration. Photography by Mathieu Fortin, styling by Melissa Matos, all clothing by Audrey Cantwell.

Audrey Cantwell just recently relaunched under a name brand name OVATE, a womenswear brand inspired by nature, history and mythology, entirely handmade in Montreal.
Ovate Fall/Winter 2011

I'm in love with the whole collection, I really adore her design aesthetic
Also check out Audrey's blog and vintage store.


beewaits said...

WOW. Everything is just hitting all the right notes at the moment. Fox tails creep me out a bit but still,my heart, my words. OH x

megamaggie6 said...

wow, i love this! ;)