Monday, July 4, 2011

Dreams of Norway ♥
Pyrite Ring
The ring is designed so as to resemble a branch, with 'claw' to hold the stone in place.

Dreams of Norway consists of designer duo Nina Einarsen and Iselin Strømsvåg. Together they create unique jewellery in materials such as silver, stone, swarovskicrystals, feathers, wood, horn, and leather. Each necklace is handmade so no two are alike. Dreams of Norway balance their design between the rough and the fine, the masculine and the feminine, the soft and hard, inspired by the contrast filled and varied Norwegian nature.

The collection 'Huldra' is inspired by light and dark, the beauty and the raw parts of nature, with a native and primitive feel to it. Designed for the mythical Norwegian wood nymph 'Huldra', who is known to seduce men into the woods, never to appear again.
Beak Full of Treasures Necklace
Quartz Crystal Ring
Crow Scull Ear Studs

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