Friday, February 11, 2011

Rossina Bossio ♥
"Crush" (acrylic on canvas)

“Ambiguity, uncertainty, contradiction – these words could easily describe much of my work. The seductive game of simultaneous attraction and repulsion, and the tragic irony often created by this dichotomy of emotions – that is what concerns me. My domain of interest is in manipulating the past and the notion of fear within my experiences, to conduct a catharsis; an exorcism almost, of those feelings through my art. I want to re-write my story, and in doing so, re-build the world in my own terms.” Rossina Bossio

Rossina Bossio
born in Bogotá, Colombia and currently living and working in Rennes, France, is one of my favourite artists who I admire and find much inspiration from. She works with Painting, Photography, drawing and Video.

Her current project "The Holy Beauty Project" is a series of Artworks inspired by Religious Art and Fashion, read about is HERE.
"Starsrtuck" and "Want Me"
"Yellow Dress" and "The three Mary's"
"Knees1" and "Sauvageries"

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