Thursday, July 29, 2010

I just recently came across four year old Australian brand Shakuhachi and well with its youthful feel, its acid-wash denim and obvious Alexander Wang inspirations, how could I not fall in love?
...Shakuhachi means 'bamboo flute' in Japanese....

I look forward to seeing shots of the Fa11 2010 collection, to be posted November 18th.


Anonymous said...

You should see the new spring summer 10/11. Its absoluetly amazing! have a look on
there are moer pieces and fabrics which will take your breath away! Its their best season yet!

Leave me Breathless said...

wow, the S/S collection is absolutely stunning, thanks so much for the link... xx

john said...

Hi Guys, thx for all the nice comments.

You can also see more here: