Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Paper dolls ♥

Ive been doodling little paper dolls in my spare time of some of my favourite runway looks recently..... nothing special but fun to do :P
any suggestions of runway looks you would like me to do next ?


Kim Neill said...

"nothing special"!?!?!? What??? These drawings are freeking awesome :O honestly I think they are amazing :D you have a talent :D Keep in touch KimboxKimboxKimboxKimbox

Mario said...

Mm, they're really fabulous :D
I am with you, paper drawings are so much fun, especially during these hot summer days :)
I'd suggest Lanvin and Versace Spring 2010, I am sure you'll have your hands full with those gorgeous Versace prints :P

Ellie said...

Excellent sketches. I love how you ad your own originality to it, even though you did not design the looks. I would love to see more of these. xx

Selina/fig36 said...

When I saw your amazing paper dolls, it inspired me to draw some of my own. It was so much fun!
I drew Fall 2010 RTW from Chanel, Prada and Marc Jacobs, 3 of my favorites.
But I have to admit the print on the Prada dress was awfully challenging...
I'll just keep on practicing ^-^

Leave me Breathless said...

Kim Neill... wow thank you so much that really means aloth to me, Im loving your blog by the way (those cupcakes look soooo yummuy!

Mario thanks that means alot to me coming from someone with your artistic talent, I certainly shall try those suggestions, can't wait to do some Versace prints now hehe, I actually have a Lanvin one done LOL.

Leave me Breathless said...

Ellie ... thank you sweetie, Im so thrilled you like them.

Selina... yes aren't they just so much fun hehe could get carried away for hours, ohhh yours sounds fabulous, id love to catch a glimpse