Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make me Wanna Die, The Pretty Reckless

So I have been listening to "Make me wanna die" pretty much none stop for the past week (I think my friends are ready to kill me seen as I've also been none stop singing it) by Taylor Momsens band "The pretty reckless", but I'm seriously loving their sound, I wasn't expecting to be into her music, but its really great, much heavier than I expected and awesome lyrics,
Also the video to her new release is stunning,
I cut some images from the video.....
Also if your into this take a Listen to her other track "Zombie"


Avril14140 said...


What`s wrong with me?xD
I didn`t know she knows to sing!!
I watched the GossipGirl and she was the best for me there!xDD

And,now when I saw this,I just can`t believe.
I love her music,that`s all :D

Rahmeh said...

I didn't either, but the band (her band) has pretty other awesome songs, there's one called "Superhero" and "Zombie" and "He Loves You", but THIS is their first music video