Sunday, June 6, 2010


Photography: Amarpaul Kalirai
Styling: Roselyn Laine
Hair: Mark Hampton
Makeup: Holly Bellm
Model: Bara

“The atmosphere at the Alexander McQueen press day for Spring/Summer 2009 was electrifying. The Clerkenwell Road showroom was packed, people were ecstatic, touching the reptile shoes, feeling up fabrics, talking forever about the importance of this collection: the fierceness, the beauty. The air was thick with excitement – you could physically feel people’s admiration and astonishment. Lee’s creative presence was stronger than ever. A new era had begun.
This was the mood in which this story was shot; to imbue the feeling of the collection. A sort of willingness for Lee to influence us all with his magical, mythical mind for decades to come. Shortly after the story was shot, Lee McQueen passed away. The excitement turned into disbelief and sorrow, and the pictures were shelved. No one could look at them or revisit that feeling of excitement, which had reigned prior to Lee’s death. And so, it wasn’t until the end of this season that someone finally stumbled upon the pictures again and all those feelings returned.
Perhaps that’s the thing about Lee’s work. No matter the pain that went into it – and the pain which would eventually follow it – you’ll never be able to stop looking at the absolute beauty and wonder of the outcome in the end.” – Amarpaul Kalirai
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