Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Skulls and Roses

Sorry again for the lack of posts these past few week's have been so crazy with my exams only 4 weeks away eeekkkk, (oh how I can't wait for the summer to arrive),
anywhoo just thought I'd say a quick hello and show some of my artwork I got done today, unfortunately my scanner's not working (again)-just used my web-cam haha so im sorry for the poor quality.
oh and please excuse me looking quite awful in the back, oh but I'm totally in my fluffy dressing-gown which really is the most cosy thing EVER.


john2_el_mejor said...


44nicole44 said...

This just took the breath away from me- Im Breathless! xx

Emma said...

well done! are those a mix of charcoals and chalk?

outtaspace said...

very nice drawings!

check out my blog if you like ; ))
fashion-connected goodies ;>