Saturday, May 1, 2010

I found Harry Potter's Sunglasses

So I have been studying for my exams in my brother's room, and lets just say I got abit nosey and well I came across these awesome Sunglasses which look like they belonged to Harry Potter, I have no idea if My brother Ciaran actually ever wore them but they are so mine now mwhahaha.
Today I am wearing my Dads Hard Rock Cafe shirt and a simple Topshop dress that i picked up a few weeks ago when i was over visiting Marianne (my sister) in Edinburgh.


Zoë said...

I have desperately been looking for a denim shirt.. this one looks great on you! pity I don't have a hard rock cafe near me :P

Mono S. said...

There are few things as satisfying as 'liberating' a new pair of shades! x