Thursday, January 7, 2010

I never thought of myself as photogenic


Oh My I have had a busy week, with study and then yesterday I had a Photoshoot in Dublin, it was a gift for Christmas I was pretty anxious about it as I'm not one who usually loves getting my pictures taken but it was really exciting I mean who doesn't love getting pampered lol, It was a great day I met some lovely people and learned alot of info about getting a job in the fashion industry weather it be photography, Make-up or styling, and I must admit it was quite exhilarating posing in front of the camera at first I felt very self concious but once I let go it was fantastic =D.



john2_el_mejor said...

That shoot should be in W or V Mag

breathless.magazine said...

oh wow thanks so much John that really means so much to me
your so kind

dancekicksbutt said...

g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s curls! (they make me mine never behave like that!)

Lauren said...

You're gorgeous, dear :D <3

ShineSun. said...

You look like Marilyn Ditrich on the first foto