Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ASOS inspired by Christopher Kane Fall 2009

There is no denying ASOS is the ultimate online store for getting runway looks but does it ever go to far do I dare use the word Copy-Cat ?
As I am sure most of you are familiar with Christopher Kanes fall 09 collection of incredible organza dresses, well is seems ASOS have created a cheaper version of the dress (seen on Emma Watson), not only is the pattern similar but also the colours making it almost identical just made with less detail and cheaper materials, the problem I find with this is that these are Christopher Kanes designs, copyright to him,
its one thing getting inspired by the organza textures but does this not seem too far ?

what do you think ??


Beanie said...

I don't find this very bad because to be perfectly honest, the whole POINT in catwalks and runways is to showcase designs which will be hitting the shops soon..

Roxanne said...

During the golden days of couture, department store buyers were not allowed to bring a sketch book to the shows so they could not copy the designs. it was common for folk to rush to the nearest cafe and sketch as much as they could from memory- being caught was a prosecutable offence. As a result major department stores would have to pay the designer large amounts of money for the right to re-create their designs- this way the designer gained financially. I think plagiarizing a designers work without paying is wrong- particularly for young designers starting out such as Kane. I really like the way highstreet chains such as Debenhams and Topshop are commissioning designers to do capsule collections for their stores- it is similar to the designer/department's stores relationship in the past. Designers need patrons to survive. if you like the design buy the right to the design don't just steal them- that's my opinion.