Friday, October 23, 2009

Greenday Live at Belfast close-up: Best Night Ever


Wednesday 20th just past happened to be one of the best nights of my life, I have been looking forward all year to seeing Greenday on their World tour and on wednesday it was time, I skipped school and lined outside the Odyssey arena Belfast in the lashing rain for 4 hours, and of course it was totally worth it I was front row against the barrier with my friend Bronagh at Greenday day, ahhh Im getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

I have loved greenday for so long and have been wanting to see them live for like 7 years, so this was just so unbelievable, seeing Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt in the flesh so close I thought my head was going to explode.
The whole performance of out of this world they played such a great mixture from their albums Dookie, Warning, American Idiot and of course their newest album 21st Century Breakdown.

Some of the best moments: Billie talking about the first time they came to Belfast in 1991, and how everyone was so shocked to see these crazy Americans walking around Belfast high on LSD!!, Getting spayed by Billie with a power hose and water gun, juring their song "East Jesus nowhere" Billie performed and an exorcism on a we 11 yr old boy from the audience, When they played "Jesus of Suburbia" ( my fave greenday song) and of course the finale with Billie Joe singing acustic to "last day on earth", "wake me up when September ends", "Good Riddance"

ok so I took this Video right ast the start of the concert when I was in the front row, and omg Billie was picking someone from the audience, wish it could have been me!!



Short snip-it I got of "are we waiting" ahhhh how I love that song.
and he picks a girl from the audience, really really wish it were me !


The below videos I took are of the finale with Billie Joe singing acoustic to "last day on earth", "wake me up when September ends", and "Good Riddance /Time of your life"

I will never forget this night, Im so sad its over.


Lauren said...

Oo sounds fun! What did you wear?

breathless.magazine said...

I wore my oversized Greenday T-shirt ,ripped tights and converse, nothing over the top, it was so hot in the pit cause you get totally squished and I have bruises all over my feet from people jumping on them lol but totally worth-it

angele.150694.martin said...
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Angelymarty said...

Oh that's great ! I've seen them in Paris (Bercy) on 4th oct and it was just amazing !!
Oh and I love your blog, I visit it every day :)

Ciaraleanne said...

(I know this is a serioulsy late comment xD) But I was there that night! :D
It was so awesome, I was up beside the stage and i got squished so much and loads of armpits in my face :S xD but it was sooo worth it!
They totally rock! ;D


(I went to see them in Manchester too & billy joe came right up to our seats, we had to sit for that concert :/ not as fun as standing :D)

Anonymous said...

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