Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barbie loves Christian Louboutin just as much as me.

In her 50 years, Barbie managed to accumulate 1 billion pairs of shoes. When it came to picking her next pair, the iconic doll wanted to go to one of the hottest shoe designers around, so she chose Christian Louboutin.

The three dolls, packaged in Louboutin shoe boxes, each come with four pairs of Barbie-size Louboutin heels. In December, Mattel will unveil Louboutin’s jewel thief-themed Barbie; in February, it will add a safari-themed Barbie, and for May, Louboutin designed a Barbie that goes to the Cannes Film Festival. The $150 dolls will be sold through and at, which is Mattel’s exclusive partner for this project and will be selling dolls for the first time. In September, both sites also will offer a Christian Louboutin Barbie shoe collection of 12 pairs for $40 a set.

The diary, which comes with the jewel thief Barbie and is also sold separately for $40, is titled “My Year in Paris With Christian Louboutin.” Launching in December, it features photos of the doll shopping with Louboutin in his boutique, on a journey down the Nile, performing at the Moulin Rouge and in a cafe with a male doll that is decidedly not Ken.

I really love this idea, Christian Louboutin never fails to surprise me, I must say I have never wanted a barbie so much since I was the age of seven, but this I have to have, what's more fabulous than a barbie wearing louboutin's ?


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