Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christian Dior Vrs Zuhair Murad

I was just browsing some beautiful Christian Dior gowns when I came across the stunning "Junon" dress (above right), from the fall/winter collection of 1949–50. It seems that Couture dress maker Zuhair Murad was inspired by this dress as one of his gowns from his Spring 2009 Haute couture collection. I must say I prefer the dark Dior gown by far, there's no denying that Zuhair Murad's gown is stunning but its no match for Christian Dior's Pale-blue silk net embroidered with iridescent blue, green, and rust sequins.

Miley Cyrus wore the Zuhair Murad couture gown to the Oscar's 2009, she looked beautiful but I don't no how she stood up for very long seen as the dress reportedly weighed more that her.


Model Anne Theophane "Theo" Graham poses in the Christian Dior Junon dress, in a photo by Richard Avedon for Harper's Bazaar in Paris in 1949.


r1ma said...

Lolz. I remember the contreversy during oscar night and people got so mad because they thought Miley wa ruining a Vintage Dior. Apparently that original Dior is a pretty famous dress.

I think they are noth beautiful gowns.

Ash & Rick said...

Wow the vintage Christian is freaking amazing! it's just so detailed and gorgeous plus the color palette just makes this dress so theatrical and beautiful!

chelli said...


Sahar Naimi said...

Love that dress, i saw it at the MET and I instantly fell in love. I rememeber the one Miley wore, but just for the sake of class, I prefer the original Dior.
Actually, I was looking for a really good pic of this Dior dress to be my blog's backgroud and I used the oldies one above, hope you don't mind. Check it out?

Anonymous said...

Thats Just a typical and normal thing from a lebanese designer to COPY a dress .. and here MARCHESA is doing it soon for one of the bridal dresses.

designers should really go for inspirational trips more often and start creating their own designs.

Anonymous said...

junon dress from dior is the most amazing dress ever, i mean is perfect. but it wasn't created alone, junon and venus are the both dressed that you can see in the poster you upload there in a restorant, those both dresses are right now in museums and nobody can use them /: but they are some materpices!!!! i would love to have them in my closet.