Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shoe Diary: Peep Toe Boots

Peep toe shoes seem to be popping up everywhere not only this spring but also in many of the Fall collection's, I love the peep toe sandals but I really love the peep toe boots, they look so fabulous with skinny jeans or even a shot dress with black tights.

bellow are some of my favourite's.


r1ma said...

Ugh I cant wait for this trend to end.

breathless.magazine said...

wow really ?? do you not like it ?
I didn't at first but there are some really gorgeous shoes in this style that I have seen so I grew tovlove it hehehe

but yeah it has dragged out abit

r1ma said...

I don't doubt that they are beautiful

but like you say, it has been around for a couple seasons and this summer I keep seeing girls in the city wear them and it not my style

They are beautiful but I wouldn't wear them, especially not now when it is so trendy lol

but that is just my taste.

dancekicksbutt said...

ahhh...i personally love them, especially now with the new!