Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shoe Diary: John Galliano Fall 2009

John Galliano is known for his beautiful elaborate and artistic collections and this Fall was no exception, with his inspiration of Russian-Balkan folklore Galliano presented once again a mind blowing incredible collection and runway, but what really stood out for me was the wood sole shoes, the structure of them is absolutely spectacular, from the lace up shoes with single pom pom detail and the skinny metallic heel to the lace up the leg to the knee with repeated pom poms they give such a fierce effect. Each shoe is such a work of art, they may not be wearable, but that's what I love about them, perfectly over the top without being tacky, I would just love a pair to put on a shelf in my room.


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♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

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мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.