Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shoe Diary: Free people inspired by Ann Demeulemeester Spring 2009

I really love these Ann Demeulemeester sandals from her Spring 2009 collection, and it looks like Free People also loved them as they have made a pair almost identical and costing only a fraction of the price at $198.00 rather than $925.00 I'm sure they will sell out pretty quick.
Although I think its good to be inspired by her work and follower the trends she is setting, but I think these Free People sandals are just too similar and maybe they went to far although they are really gorgeous.

Click HERE to purchase at Free People online

Speaking of Free People being inspired by runway look its not the first time they have also released these lovely heels( (bellow) that have a slight Prada Fall 2009 feel to them but it's not identical just a similar style following the trend, were as the ones (above) are possibly to much like a knock of.

click HERE to purchase Free people online
Prada ones not yet in stock.

So what do you think ?

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r1ma said...

the AD are complete rip offs of Carine's favorite pair of Alaias.