Wednesday, July 29, 2009

“Prime Time” Vogue Nippon September 2009

How stunning do models Iekeliene Stange, Julia Dunstall and Daul Kim look in the beauty editorial for Vogue Nippon September 2009, the make-up is just perfect by Lisa Butler and of course the Fall gowns are to die for. This seven page beauty supplement, “Prime Time” shot by François Nars is all round mesmerising. [via]


Wylie1995 said...

The girl with the green makeup looks a bit like you CLare!

♥ мαУєєѕнαѕαм ♥ said...

I really like the main thing the beautifully done make-up! ;) Thanks for the article Clare! =*

мαγεεѕнα ѕамιна.

justi1895 said...

i love this photos