Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miss Sixty new real brand on stardoll


Looks like we are getting a new real brand on stardoll, and Im very please to see its Miss Sixty, I always love their young and trendy clothes with gorgeous colours and prints, plus its one that is more affordable in real life so that gives a great boost for the store with young girlscwanting any real brand on stardoll. This collection quite nice but I'm just crossing my fingers the brand stays long enough that the Fall 09 collection comes to stardoll, cause it really fabulous.
I wonder what the prices will be like !?! probaly similar to ELLE.

I did some modeling in a runway show for Miss Sixty at home in Ireland(it was only a small thing), and it was some from this spring collection although none of the ones coming to stardoll, but I'm quite pleased it going to be a new real brand.


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

ahhh!! im in love with this new brand! it will sure give Stardoll a great boast, seeing alot of members are finding it quite boring nowadays.

But i just noticed...the orange and purple socks have already been released in the starplaza...but not as miss sixty :S

beautiiful.x3 said...

Actually last night when you probably all were asleep (I'm Norwegian, different time zones) they were out in Starplaza!
I wasn't able to buy them though, and they disappeared in the morning.
But the prices are okay, the dresses are 20-22 and the shoes are 14-16.

beautiiful.x3 said...

Oh, and 6 stardollars for a bracelet (: