Friday, July 24, 2009, new dressup site


Rima (r1ma) introduced me to this new dress up site today called Looklet, it's great as all the images are very real looking and there are many clothes from haute couture designers to high street brands. So you create a look and save it in your account and people can vote each others style and individual looks, also there seems to be many features coming soon.

Bellow are a few of the looks I just created on this site, its pretty fun and I would recoment giving it a go.


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My account

Let me know your account user name I'd love to check out your looks.


r1ma said...

I love your looks and you new layout! It has a very nice rocker vibe to them!

Brigitte said...

Love 'em :P
My username is Ms.Brigitte, but here's the link:

simone ... [elleo] said...

ooh! after reading this, I went and made an account immediately - this site is so much fun! your looks are gorgeous, by the way.
here's a link to my account:

christina t said...

thanks for the link! i'm really liking this site!

Fashion.Fantasy said...

Mine is

Mary <3 said...
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Mary <3 said...
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