Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jennifer Behr Fall 2009, Gossip girl

When it comes to headbands I am a huge fan of Jennifer Behr's work, every piece is so full of stunning detail and beautiful shapes without being over the top, creating a very wearable look, although they are quite steep in price, they are just so beautiful I honestly think its completely worth it. above and bellow are images from her Fall 09 collection of head pieces, I adore them all especially the simple crystal piece (above top right).

Jennifer Behr's work is well known from Gossip girl, as I'm sure you have noticed Blair Waldorf always has a new hairband in every episode, and many of these are from Jennifer Behr.

and I'm pretty sure that this hair piece on stardoll has been inspired by Jennifer Behr

so what do you think? would you wear any of these hairbands ?

Click HERE to visit her store.


Random-Blair said...

I´m in Love:)

I just saved my Money and now I´ll buy 6 of her new headbands from the new collection:)

and I´m already so excited!

I mean those Headbands are amazing!

_whoa_ said...

Loved the blair conparison, i want to go out and buy some headbands now !