Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Givenchy haute couture Fall 2009

I really love Riccardo Tisci's work for Givenchy, he always brings something so eye catching and unique with often a sense mystery. Yesterday at 5.00pm Tisci presented his Givenchy couture collection, it began with fiercely tailored, padded-shouldered coats molded into the waist and over the hips in black velvet or patinated strips of leather—the riding element—and then moved on into sarouel-influenced pants, hoods, veiled and draped silhouettes, and gold embroidery with a Middle Eastern influence. The structure of the gowns was beautiful, I really loved the sharp angles mixed with the soft flowing of material creating such an interesting impact as the whole collection did. I'm always so excited to see what he does next and I must say I was completly blown away with the different sort of elegance of this collection, I would say it is my favourite of all the Fall couture collections so far.

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