Friday, July 3, 2009

Disney trip

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, as I said before I'm on holiday in Florida at the min and for the past four day's I was at Walt Disney world with my sis and Mum, it was really nice although it thunder stormed quite alot of the time, I put a little bit of a colage together from some pictures I took just to show what I've been up too, and Ill be back to my normal posting in no time.
I really hope everyone is well and having a nice summer, have missed you all this past week

1: Magic Kingdom, Cinderela's castle
2: Magic Kingdon Parade
3: Down town disney
4: little boats for transportation.
5: Magic Kingdom, satue of walt disney

Animal Kingdom is one of my favourite parks at disney world they have fabulous conservation areas for many endangered animal, and really treat them well.
above are some pictures I took on the safari ride, it was quite bumpy so they are abit blury lol
oh and it was so funny at the park there were duck everywere like running around your feet.

Downtown Disney was filled with Disney shops, and I just loved this window display of the princess dresses made from the princess dolls, so creative.



HarajukuGirlPL said...

cool :)
I recommend

Ameena said...

it was thundery?? I'm going to disney-world in september, so i hope that the weather clears up by then lol!


simone ... [elleo] said...

ahaha, I didn't even realized that dress was made of dolls until you told us! XD