Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Christian Lacroix couture fall 2009, is this his last ?

There were no red carnations on the seats, ready to toss in the finale, as been the custom at Christian Lacroix’s haute couture shows since January, 1987, when he launched his first-ever collection in Paris.
But there were tears aplenty as the visibly emotional couturier Christian Lacroix made a lap of honour with his “bride”(Vlada Roslyakova), in a gold and white silk and lace wedding gown, in the Salon des Boisiers of the Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, on the rue de Rivoli, in Paris today.

his loyal staff and atelier “petites mains” sobbed openly and even the grandmaster of embroidery, Mr. François Lesage, regarded as Lacroix’s “couture godfather” wept, at the conclusion at what could turn out to be Christian Lacroix’s last haute couture show.

Last Friday employees at Christian Lacroix were informed the the workforce would be cut from 124 to 12, and the house would sadly close at the end of July. The location, where he not so long ago starred in a retrospective, was given free of charge. The maison Roger Vivier provided the shoes. Even his local café provided the backstage “buffet” – crudités, fruit and mineral water – for nothing. Lacroix begged €15,000 from the administrators in order to pay the models.

In the end, just 24 creations made it to the catwalk – each an exquisite, if toned down example of the artistry and creativity which has marked Lacroix’s career. “I Did It My Way”, sung in French, was the song on the soundtrack as Lacroix was engulfed by staff and clients.

I love his work so much and find it so sad that this is happening I know I will certainly miss seeing his elaborate collection always filled with so much originality and creativity, I really hope that in the near future he will be able to get the designer house back.

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