Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bebe goes Balmain crazy

The balmainia obsessed trend doesn't seem to be fading yet only a few weeks since ASDA released a dress inspired by a Fall Balmain look, bebe have released obvious copies of pieces from the Balmain Fall 2009 collection. The dress above costs $179.00, and I must its quite a nice dress but the detail design is almost identical. The dress bellow costs $198.00, but just looks like a cheap knock off, I really love many of the clothes bebe release's that are slightly inspired by runway trends without being identical.

What do you think ?


soovintage said...

It's alright when stores like Bebe, Topshop, ASOS or Zara (remember the identical Balmain heels that caused quite a stir over fashion forums?) get inspired by runway trends but I think bebe went too far. The dresses are identical, and that's why I won't pay so much for theme - it's a rather expensive knockoff.

Undamyumbrellla said...

Bebe's versions are insanely ugly compared to the originals, and I never even liked the originals. :O

Anonymous said...

not many people can afford the 7300 dollars garments, and corporate like bebe copie it and sell it for less, i use to work at bebe and those are our top seller dress, they were selling like hot cakes, they may not be couture but the quality and the way it was made was good. how do i know? i'm a fashion student trust me, those dress feels like a million bucks!