Monday, June 22, 2009

Vivienne Tam SPring 2009

Was just checking the spoilers and it looks like the new Vivienne Tam collection is about to be released on stardoll, I must say I'm very disappointed with the graphics of this collection, they seem very lazy with less effort than the usual collections. What do you think ?


Fashion.Fantasy said...

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breathless.magazine said...

thanks very much for all your help

Fakeshake3 said...

For such a poor collection on Tam's behalf, I thought Stardoll could have at least made the graphics good.

Hayley123 said...

I Agree On The Graphics, but they are pretty clothes !
I think i will be buying them all the same :P

Lauren said...

I don't blame them. Tam's collections always have quite a bit of detail. And for the poor graphics I just have to say that they are people too. There's only so much people can do

breathless.magazine said...

yes very true Lauren, although even the philosophy collection had much detail and they really put alot of effort into it.

but I see what you mean I guess I just had my hopes up to high lol

dancekicksbutt said...

the dresses are ok as far as the graphics...but as for the shoes...the stardoll version needs some help!