Friday, June 26, 2009

"Subaquatic Beauty" Numero Tokyo 15 editorial

I'm so in love with this Editorial "Subaquatic Beauty" from Numero Tokyo 15, There really is something so fabulous about photographing clothes underwater, the whole perception is brought to a whole new level, it really gives the illusion of flying, and it really gives the clothes such a gorgeous effect.
This of course is not an easy task to accomplish so this model Marcelina Sowa has done such an amazing job, she looks so tranquil and relaxed like she is meant for the water, and of course the photographer Alix Malka has really produced perfect shots.

I love this editorial so much.


r1ma said...

Ugh this makes me crave for some Vintage Halston

And so appropriate with the underwater stardoll theme:-)

dodence_bt said...

Omg the shots are just so amazing! I am seriously inspired from airy fabrics in water, they turn me on! xD

dancekicksbutt said...

wow...that must've been nearly impossible to shoot!

anonymousSexy said...

OMG...I'm Mario. This is so amazing, like omg. OMG

beautiiful.x3 said...

This is art.
Absolutely amazing.

Barbro Andersen said...

Beautiful <3 Just plain beautiful!