Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stardoll Next Top Designer.


The challenge: Contestants will re-create real life designer items using only stardesign. There will be 5 rounds. Each round contestants will be eliminated. Many will try, but in the end there can be only 1 TOP DESIGNER.

The winning collection of designs will be featured on:
Stardoll's Most Wanted
Stardoll's Top Designers
Seen on Stardoll
The Stardoll Life
Breathless Magazine(this blog)
The Star dose
for maximum exposure & sales!

They will also win a $600sd prepaid card plus a top design made by Thatgirlsophy!!

Current Judges are:
Emorox4eva (Stardoll's Most Wanted)
Thatgirlsophy (Stardoll's Top Designer Blog)
Alphonsinne (Seen on Stardoll)
Jeremyn2005 (The Stardoll Life- Adri & Jenn)
Findurlove (The Star Dose)
Fionamcgonigle (Gossip-Stardoll)
Cltreanor (Breathless Magazine)

*Sign up at Initial round ends
June 30th! Don't miss out!

To enter: You must choose a real-life item to re-create using only stardesign.

(In the competition we choose the design or give a collection that you must choose from.)