Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shoe Diary: Balenciaga Fall 2010

I am really in love with the Balenciaga Fall 2010 shoes, they are so unique and different, the detail of the sole is stunning with an interesting exaggerated sneaker look, giving them a casual feel yet at the same time the elegant shape of the heel and foot really gives a graceful and dressy look. Also as the sole of the shoe is ruber they probeblay have a good grip making them praticle and easy to walk in. Nicolas Ghesquière always designs the most fabulous shoes for Balenciaga, with something new and never seen before.

I love love love them !
In my eyes these are the best shoes of the season


Jojoamnamn said...

Ho my god they are perfect stardoll have to put them ! they can look so good on posh and on me also ! i'm ok with you the best of the season

Fatimuchi said...

Wow! Love them! :D