Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoe Diary: Alexander McQueen Fall 2009


Hi my lovely readers I have decided to start a shoe Diary on my blog as I am a complete shoe addict, I will make Diary posts on fabulous shoes every now and then, and please feel free to suggest any shoes that stand out to you.


In my eyes Alexander McQueen is a pure designer genius, and seeing his latest Fall collection only proves that more to me. My favourite part of his fall collection was by far the shoes, they may not be very wearable (even the models fell a few times on the runway) but they are unique and incredible works of art, the immaculate detail is incredible, from being bedazzled with jewels. sequins and feathers, they are certainly far from subtle. You may have noticed I am completely obsessed with platform shoes (Im always trying to make super platform heels for my medoll) so its no surprise that these McQueen platforms blow my mind, true I would probably never wear these but they would look perfect on display as art in my room lol.



Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Love the first and third one down in the first column, and I agree they are works of art!

Jojoamnamn said...

they are design for photoshoot not for the real life ! alexander mcqueen is an artist !!!!!!! all of his cloth are like a picasso .

r1ma said...

lol at the feather shoes!

Hayley123 said...

Wow, they are gorgeous !
i wouldnt like to wear them though !

Britney said...


I am completely in love with the shape, the colors, and the overall concepts of these 'pieces of art'!