Saturday, June 6, 2009

Runway wishlist for stardoll Winner: Gucci maxi dress

ok so throughout the past month you have been voting which runway looks you would most like on stardoll.
and the final winning look is the fabulous Gucci spring/summer 09 maxi dress (bellow)

as I said before I will be sending this winning image and votes to stardoll staff requesting if they can make the winning runway look, and you never no maybe they will listen LOL

are you pleased with the look??


Sarah_Sugerplum said...

yep! i voted for this one. =]

hmm..and mabye this will give stardoll a few ideas about making a new shop? gucci?!

Janey said...

Rihanna worn that dress with The Grammy's, she has decorated it with a golden belt.

Hayley123 said...

i love that dress, i voted for it too, and if stardoll do listen, i will buy it ! (: