Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photographer of the Week: Baldovino Barani

When I came across Baldovino Barani's photography I was blown away, every piece of his work is so full of life and detail they really tell their own stories, pulling the viewer deep into the image.
I love the angles this guy uses they really are incredible and he really brings all the clothes to life.
My favourite of his editorials is the "Vampier and the nun" which I featured just last week.

Baldovino Barani also owns a blog (click HERE to check it out)

He has shot amazing editorials for magazines such as the post, Style, Oyster, West East, Prive Asia, Hong Kong Tatler, Le Monde2, SCMP, Vogue Hellas and Autopsy.

(Im so in love with those Balenciaga boots above)

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