Saturday, June 6, 2009

Photographer of the Week : Andrea Klarin

This weeks featured photographer is Andrea Klarin his work is really incredible, from the spectacular angles of light to his perfect addiction to drawing the viewers eye right to the main features of the shots. His clients range from Valentino, Lanvin, Guerlain, Rochas, Van Cleef & Arpels, Nike, L’Oreal, and New look and has shot for many Magazine such as Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s, Madame Figaro, Financial Times, Sunday Times, El Pais.

"At the age of 18 photography became my passion and I decided to make it my future career when I was 22. I studied photography for three years in Brussels (Belgium) at INRACI. Now I mostly live and work in Paris. I would describe my work as

being based on the constant need to move and evolve! It is a continuous search for something that is "in the air", something that cannot be touched but is contained in the world around us. There are some characteristics of the fashion world that are also reflected in all parts of the contemporary world through art, music, architecture, design and photography! An idealization of beauty and perfection could be a brief description of my world of aesthetics. I don't try to represent reality but I try to filter it and through this imaginary world attempt to show its elegance, chic and glitter. For me, the most important thing about my work is not to think of it as only mine since it is the product of teamwork! I am very attached to my team and I consider their work just as important as my own! Working in a team for me means being surrounded by people that you appreciate not only as professionals but as people as well!"






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