Monday, June 8, 2009

Oyster Editorial: The vampire and the Nun


Love Twilight ?? then you will adore this editorial, I know I do.
Shot by Baldovino Barani with stylist Holly Suan Graythis this editorial from OYSTER Magazine June/July 2009 is beyond fabulous the angles, position and lighting is just perfect not to mention the chemistry between the Vampire and the Nun (models, Danilo Martins & Katya S). Love love love it.



Stefz said...

Shes definitely the most stylish nun I've ever seen!

r1ma said...

so romantic and fashionable! I love it! there is a story and all the clothes look eautiful

amelia321 said...

The pictures are fabulous, I love all the clothes. My favourites are the close up pictures of the girl. :)