Saturday, June 13, 2009

My design using Roiworld


I just drew this design on, the shoes are inspired by the Nina Ricci superb platforms from her 2009 fall collection

and the dress and jacket are really my own creation although a little inspired by Balmain.

Im not great at it although its a lot of fun, you just draw whatever you want with different colours and medians, you just have the doll and backround to draw on, Roiworld is a really good site and you don't have to pay at all, read more about it at r1ma's blog by clicking HERE



amelia321 said...

Your great at drawing clothes on roiworld.
I'm really rubbish at it though :(
Haha :D

Fatimuchi said...

Like it! :D
Visit my design, please :]

It isn´t really good, lol


dancekicksbutt said...

love it...and as creative as those shoes are...they might be a little painful!

Hayley123 said...

Wow , Thats A Great Picture, A Few Years Ago i always used to dress the RoiWorld dolls up, but i cant go on the website, cos it's all chinese or something :P I accesed it by girlsgogames