Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Mountains of Contrasts" Vogue Russia April 2009

I really love this Editorial (Mountains of Contrasts) from a few months ago in the Vogue Russia April 09 issue, Model Natalia Chabanenko is so beautiful and brings so much intensity and high fashion to all the shots, of coarse with all the help from the incredible stylist Simon Robins. Also the angles of lighting and shadows are perfect thank to Photohrapher KT Auleta.

I really love the drastic contrasts between the neutral and bright colour's it really has such a fabulous and eye catching effect, I radore this trend of just adding a splash of colour, be it in the shoes, tights or accessories.



r1ma said...

natalya werque!

the leggings make it look extra young

and you know me, put margiela in an editorial and i'm sold

Mario said...

Omg.. this is so amazing.
Russian models are really beautiful and the shots are great. Love the accessories :)

MIRANDA said...

I agree with Mario, russian models are beautiful!
I have a blog, but it's not so good, so I'm just wondering, where do you get your pics from? (The ones with the standing models in designer clothes) It whould really help my blog!
(Alupino at stardoll) <3