Thursday, June 4, 2009

Julien MacDonald Spring 2009 dress coming to stardoll

I can't belive it, I love Stardoll right now for bringing such fabulous clothes to all us fashion hungry girls and great graphics.
I adore this dress by Julien MacDonald, which you may have seen before on Cheryl Cole at the x-factor (bellow)


Fakeshake3 said...

I KNEW I HAD SEEN IT!!!!!!!!!!

Hayley123 said...

Gosh, i love it, i bet it will be dear though, i think the prices are getting ridiculous !

Stefz said...

Fab! I have 2 Julien MacDonald things- a shirt and a skirt, both blinged out the the max!

I bet it'll all be part of some insanely price LE-esque collection. Its too good to be true.