Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Exclusive LE Balmain sold out and Gucci coming next.

arrrrrh no Im so annoyed right now, I missed the gorgeous Balmain dress I'm not on stardoll for the day and typical they release the dress.
oh well I guess I saved 250 stardollers lol, but I so wanted it =(
did you manage to get it ??

also in the email from stardoll it sounds like they will be releasing many of these exclusive LE items (and good one yay) but I have a feeling they might just get more and more expensive but I do hope I'm wrong.

and it looks like the next LE item will be a fabulous Gucci bag which I must say its fantastic, Im super excited about that I'm just praying its affordable.

I really can't miss this one, But im going on holiday so Im guessing I probably will.
what do you think are this virtual items worth all the money ??


see_my_bling said...

Is that supposed to be Magdalena Frackowiak?

Sarah_Sugerplum said...

arrgh same happened to me! :@

and there was only 500, i don't think virual clothes really are worth 250sd etc..but it's just so gorgeous!!!!!

soovintage said...

WOW, sold out already!
The bag is not from LE, it's actually from Confessions of a Shopaholic (see the tag/keychain on the bag), also there are 2 more Confessions of a Shopaholic spoilers... weird huh?

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Well for those really upset and don't mind paying, the dress can be sold.

Talia-87 said...

Dont be angry, I`m collector and I loged in in the evening today...so I missed it too....cry!!!!! If anyone would sell it to me...tell in GB!!

Joyce said...

same here...
i LOVE that dress but unfortunately i was too late as wel =[