Friday, June 19, 2009

Do not be fooled she is a poser !!!!

It seems I have a poser lol (im kinda amazed that anyone would want to pretend to be me)
Her user name is .cltreanor. but please do not be fooled she is NOT me, she has be writing to many of my friend saying she is me and copying my suite, and when I have wrote to her asking for her to stop she replies " hiya my other account good work tricking people" (look below at picture from her GB)


I have been ignoring her but I find it so wrong and kinda creepy .
One of my very good friends on stardoll told her persondal stuff which which she would not have told anyone and was very upset by this, I wasn't bothered by .cltreanor. that much until she began upsetting my friends which has now really upset and annoyed me .


I wanted to post this just to let you know she is not me and I really would love your opinion on the situation, like should I report her ? (I don't like reporting people so I really would love to know what you think I should do)

thanks so much my loves


dodence_bt said...

Oh god, posers. They are pretty annoying :)
I have one, I know how it feels. They quit after a while, just don't pay her attention at all.

thatgirlsophy said...

LOL just leave her alone dont give her the attention she dearly craves, but i do go for the whole warning your friends thing.

Lauren said...

I knew it wasn't you :P
I've got alot of haters and posers. They flatter me that they actual put effort into trying to hate me! Never ever be mean to them. Just be really calm with em.

stardoll gossip said...

Ugh report that dumb bitch lmao

You know your better
Luv u alll

Xx.xX natasha-rox286

madmadeleine said...

You should report her to stardoll. Send a detailed email to instead of using the report forms on the website. Attach the screen shots of the stuff she says. And tell them that you are concerned about the behavior. I would suggest you ask sweetly for their help and advice instead of demanding they delete her. Just a matter of style, but Support staff is really inconsistent, and if you can make them feel good about helping you, they are much more likely to do something. And remember that a different support person will probably get the next email, so start all over again, don't assume they have any idea what you are talking about. Sometimes I get great results with the staff, and sometimes not. So now, if nothing happens after a day, I send another request for help. And I have had scammers taken off the site minutes after I reported them to support, so sometimes they get right on top of things. Good luck. madmadeleine

Jinniy said...

I hate posers :/
I think it's the best to ignore her.
After a while nobody would care.
But when it gets much more worse, it's the best thing to report her, or write to Stardoll

Hayley123 said...

I would Definetly Report Her.
What She Is Doing Is WRONG.
I Think Report & Then See What Happens x
Good Luck

Jojoamnamn said...

I would Definetly Report Her ! but i think this is more simple to leave her alone , this is stupid to try to be a person you're not ! just stupid
Sorry for you claire this is so penible to meet people like this girl.

beautiiful.x3 said...

Wow, some people has to get a life..

That girl requested me 2 days ago.
I knew it wasn't you, so I blocked her.
I think you should ignore her, even though what she's doing is wrong.
Eventually she will get bored and stop.

Good luck.