Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking News Micheal Jackson King of Pop died today.


oh my goodness the legendary Michael Jackson has been pronounced dead I can't believe it.

Paramedics were called to the singer's home just this afternoon (12.32) after he stopped breathing and suffered a suspected cardiac arrest. He was rushed by ambulance to a local medical centre, but his death was announced shortly afterwards. Crowds have begun to gather outside the facility, whose emergency centre has been roped off by police.

he was set to begin a series of comeback concerts in the around the world in July and all the ticket sold out imetiatly, This man is a Pop legend and I can imagine so many fans are in mourning, I loved his music although I never really understood him, he may have been different but many people really loved and looked up to him.

I have just heard on the news that from so many people going online to post and read up about this breaking news has caused the whole internet system to slow and nearly crash, which they have not seen before, showing how huge an effect this pop star had on the world.

RIP Micheal Jackson
my heart goes out to his parents and children


2_cutecarla said...

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Jinniy said...

I never really expected him to die :'(
I loved him so much.

.yoyo. said...

Nooo, I can't believe he's dead!
I'm not a fan of him, but I'm sad, he's a legend!

Claire x3 said...

R.I.P. Michael