Monday, June 1, 2009

ASOS inspired by Christian Dior fall 2008 and Marchesa spring 2009

Once again ASOS has been inspired by the runway, this time its by the Christian Dior Fall 2008 dress. Although its no where near as fabulous as Dior its available at ASOS for £355.00.

you can also get the Christian Dior dress for your medoll on stardoll !

ASOS has also been inspired by Marchesa S/S 2009 with the beautiful bow detail.
Marchesa dress available at Net-A-Poter for £4,090
Marchesa inspired dress available at ASOS for


I think its great to be inspired by runway trends but I think sometimes ASOS is going to far and pretty much ripping of the designer by copying their work
but what do you think ???


Catarinaa said...

asos is a copy cat

FuegoGAU said...

Diors model looks kinda wierd. xD

r1ma said...

what a great find! Love it!
sometimes it is not the label, but the idea behind it!

I would so buy those!

Hayley123 said...

I Think They Are Copying... But At Least They Do A Cheaper Version , So It's Fine By Me xD
As Soon As Soon As I Saw The Marchesa Look-A-Like Dress, I Went Straight Onto Asos To Buy ! :P