Friday, June 26, 2009

Anna Sui For Target inspired by Gossip Girl and past runways.

In May Target announced that Anna Sui was to design a collection for the store Target, She's only the second designer following Alexander McQueen to participate in the chain's Designer Collaboration series. Im so excited about it, I really can't wait, and it seems some of the images from the collection have been leaked.
Anna Sui says her collection is inspired by Gossip Girl and their quirky upper end New York style which is very much true, but it seems she has also been inspired by her most beloved past runway looks, I have put some pictures together (bellow) were you can see the resembalance to her past collections, Im so pleased to see this as not only are they Anna Sui runway designs, the clothes will be an affordable price. The stunning collection hits Target online and approximately 250 select locations nationwide on September 13, 2009.

whooooooooo I'm so excited, the collection is fabulous and even better is is released on my birthday lol.

xoxo gossip girl

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see_my_bling said...

It's cute, but I wish she could've done something different for this collection instead of just copying past ones. I liked the last dress, so I may be purchasing it :)