Sunday, May 24, 2009

Photographer of the Week: Raymond Meier

This Week's featured photographer is Raymond Meier, I really love his work there is always a very colourful touch to the shoots and he has incredible angles !
He has shot many Editorials for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Flair and the New York Times T Magazine.
I can't wait to see what he does next.

All images from raymondmeier


black vanilla rose said...

what awesome pics. i'm going to come back later and look through them all again :) i don't know why but the first few reminded me of something out've a hitchcock flick xxx

r1ma said...

I love this guy's pictures...with him it is not always the clothes but the image as a whole...his background always supplements what the clothes are trying to say

Comella said...

Super blog.

EllyEvans said...

Awesome pics and I really like the fact that you have incorporated a couple of pictures with Stardoll clothes, but the real ones of course.

Really great to read this kind of posts!