Thursday, May 28, 2009

DKNY resort 2010

The DKNY resort 2010 collection was shown yesterday, I must say i really like it with the cute cocktail dresses and deep pinks, my favourite piece is the black jumpsuit, although the shoes seem to be the same as the ones from the Spring/summer 2008 collection, that could be the recession hitting in.
Unfortunately again these are the only images of the collection that are available, but hopefully soon we can see the whole collection.
I'm guessing some of these clothes will make it to stardoll as they usually have a resort collection, but you never know they seem to be so lazy lately they probably won't even bother lol but one can hope.


r1ma said...

I am not a fan of this collection...where is the unique gimmick? No scuba-like inspiration, no hearts, no fish print thingy (lol)

Maybe it will get clearer when the whole thing comes out, like you said.

see_my_bling said...

It looks like they've recycled the shoes from Spring 08.

black vanilla rose said...

I love that last dress, very similar to one I tried on last night :\